Geometry and bone castings have been the signature themes around which Famke constructs imaginative and striking jewellery, bringing life to the lifeless and challenging our ideals of beauty. Based in Cape Town, Famke produces simple and beautifully designed sterling silver and brass lifestyle pieces as well as bespoke and original engagement rings and wedding bands.

After completing a year at the prestigious Design Academy in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Famke returned to Cape Town to study at Cape Technicon where she received her diploma in Jewellery Design and Manufacture in 2010.

Since Design Indaba 2011, Famke has been stocking boutiques around Cape Town and Johannesburg, while selling out at shows and markets such as Design Indaba and Kamers Vol Geskenke, The Collective(JHB) and The Neighbourgoods Market (CPT).

Now with the launch of her online shop, owning your very own Famke Jewellery piece has never been easier.

 Famke Koene:

“ I am inspired and strive to create things that are never-ending and last forever. Objects to create and celebrate never-ending relationships and bonds between people.

 Bones, stripped raw by the sun… its like they never give up on life, they remain, even after the body and soul has left. I celebrate that strength, that tenacity and persistence and design objects for relationships that strive to (live forever) do the same.

 Honesty, history and integrity are keywords (in my creative process.) My geo shapes are designed to say that it doesn’t matter how odd, irregular, unpolished, imperfect you are, because YOU ARE PERFECT! That is where the integrity comes in, from the honesty and the acceptance of the history of who we are and where we come from.”