signet ring with front star cluster detail

R 2,000.00 ZAR

Manufactured in sterling silver with hand-engraved stars. Please note that these stars are all hand engraved once the ring has been manufactured, therefore might differ slightly from the product picture. We will however do our best to get it as accurate in size and layout as possible.  If you would like to leave it to us, let us know and we will create a unique and random cluster for you! 


  • Please allow for a 2-10 business day manufacturing lead time, this does not include shipping time.


  • In the case of your jewellery tarnishing or becoming dirty, simply clean it with a soft cloth and a metal cleaning agent such as Silvo / Brasso, a generic jewellery cleaner, or simply hot water, a sponge and soap. If you are in Cape Town, please feel free to drop it off at our shop for cleaning.
  • To avoid necklaces and chains developing a dull appearance, try keeping them away from body lotions and perfumes. 
  • To increase the longevity of your gold-plated piece, it should be removed when exercising, swimming, and showering. If and when plating does start to fade, give us a call or pop us a mail and we will replate.

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